About Me

Hello everyone, my name is Chianti and I am the owner and operator of Body Radiance Scrubs. I am a graduate of Georgia Southern University where I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology May of 2014. Following graduation I worked as a case worker for Benchmark Family Services. I worked as a case worker for about three months before I started to feel stuck and unsatisfied with where my life and career was. Once that happened I told myself that by the time I turned thirty I want to become a business owner. The next day I was sitting at my computer and I began to research ways to start your own business and that's when I came across all natural handmade scrubs. I researched a lot a DIY recipes and it went from there. After all the researching about how to turn making homemade scrubs into a business I started making and selling my own. I will have a successful and affordable skin care line that caters to women, men, and children with all skin types. A product line that my customers' will benefit from leaving them looking and feeling their best!! " Nourishing the body from the outside in"!!